Saturday, March 17, 2018

Weekly Recap For March 12-17 2018

Another busy week as grades are due at the day job.

I only managed one review (and that one I only finished a few minutes ago).

Comic Reviews on Comic A Day

The Widow Reminisces Over a Plate of Vegetables by Alexander Danner and Stephanie Smith. (8.5/10).


One thing I did do this week was that I got back to posting photo sets on Flickr. I am essentially one year behind on Flickr, and I've started the dash to catch up. This week I posted three sets, two recent ones, and one from last January.

Photos from the City God Temple, Shanghai, China, March 2018

Photos from Yuyuan Bazaar, Shanghai, China, March 2018

Photos from our Bangrak street food tour in Bangkok, Thailand, January 2017


This week I am supporting the Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research Foundation. This is a disease that has impacted my family, and Fisher Center is the top-rated charity for Alzheimer's research as rated on Charity Navigator.

Our Spring break trip (tentatively by train to Wuxi and Suzhou) is still in the planning stages. Well, in the procrastinating stages, really, but we should be nailing down some details in the next few days. Meanwhile we are planning Kiddo's birthday party, and I have a school trip to see Black Panther coming up on Friday. Also, a day of Saturday school  next weekend to make up a snow day.

Looking further ahead, we should know the dates we'll be in the US this summer soon. It looks like we will be splitting most of our time between Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Weekly Recap For February 18-March 11 2018

Things have been busy.

We had a great time hosting friends on our Chinese New Year break week. Among the sites we visited were the Shanghai Natural History Museum, the China Art Museum, and Zhujiajiao Ancient Town.

We finally got to see Black Panther, which opened in China this past Friday. Great movie! I'm excited that I will be going back to see it again as part of a school trip in two weeks.

From there, the day job has kept me pretty busy, so I missed a couple of these recap posts and have only had a few new reviews.

Book Reviews on Goodreads

Into the Wild (Warriors #1) by Erin Hunter. (4*).

Comic Reviews on Comic A Day

Total L.A. Tot: A Palindramas Collection by Dan Mazur. (7/10).

Myths Stories (Chinese Classical Stories Series) by Xiao Li and China Intercontinental Press. (7.5/10)


I am supporting the author Diane Duane's request for financial assistance through her sale of ebooks on her Ebooks Direct store.

In response to the Parkland Florida tragedy, I am supporting the Victims Fund and March For Our Lives.

I am also supporting medical fundraising for my friend Robbie Bowers.

Looking Ahead

Three busy weeks of the day job and then spring break. It looks like we have settled on a trip by train to Suzhou and Wuxi, which are a relatively short distance from Shanghai.

We'll be traveling during Wrestlemania, so I'll be late catching up on that late. As mentioned above, I'm heading to see Black Panther for a second time in a couple of weeks with students. Other movies I'm looking forward to: A Wrinkle in Time, Pacific Rim 2, and of course Avengers: Infinity War.

Summer plans are beginning to come together, and still have us in New England USA for 4-5 weeks starting mid-June.