Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Heading To Otakon With A New Comic

Dandelion Studios has just released the second issue of Stone, written by me and drawn by Alice Veidt.

I'm heading on the road tomorrow, traveling to Baltimore MD for Otakon, where we will debut the new issue. Follow our roadtrip on Twitter at #dandelion2otakon.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

We picked up a membership at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History at my school's annual auction.

Last week was our first trip out there. We checked out the museum, with it's aquarium section, first, but what the Kiddo really loved was the bird watching room. They have big windows with a view out to the marsh, bird feeders set up nearby and a live camera feed to an osprey nest.

Kiddo had fun using the binoculars and watching the mama osprey and her hatchlings on the monitor.

We saw red winged blackbirds and cardinals at the feeders, plus lots of chipmunks.

After spending some time in the museum, we went walking on one of the trails, crossing the marsh on a boardwalk to Wing's Island. We walked through a nice mix of terrain including marsh, woods, hills, and beach.