Friday, July 12, 2013

Geekiness In New England This Weekend

I took a week off from the writing-at-libraries schedule for the purpose of cleaning my upstairs work area, a rather daunting task that has needed doing for a long time. I've made progress, but there is still work to do, so I might be on a partial-writing schedule next week.

Meanwhile, this coming weekend is all geekiness all the time.

Today, I'm headed up to Quincy to attend a Comic Book Artists Guild meeting, being held at New England Comics' Quincy location. I'll also be visiting KC's Sports Cards in Quincy, which is where I keep a binder of Magic cards on consignment. I'll be restocking the binder and checking in on how that has been going.

Saturday, I'm spending the day at Readercon in Burlington MA. I'm just going as an attendee, and this is more for my own development as a writer than for my comics publishing work. Looking forward to attending some good panels there.

On Sunday, I'm taking my stock of used paperback books (mostly SF/fantasy/horror) to the Wellfleet Flea Market as an experiment to see how setting up as a vendor there goes. I'll also have a small display of Dandelion Studios comics there.

If you're at any of the above, stop by or find me and say hi!

This weekend is also Connecticon, so I wish all the New England geeks heading to Hartford safe travels and a great convention.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Writing Week Recap

This was the first week trying out my new writing routine.

I ended up doing writing on four days, at four different libraries (might have to see how long I can keep that going).

My focus was on my middle-grade dieselpunk novel, Airship Girls and the Land Beyond the Mist. I did some initial edits on Monday. Tueseday, I spent some time looking over an excerpt that was getting critiqued at writers' group that night, and also doing edits on the other piece that was up for critique.

The critique session on Tuesday went well, and I came home with some good feedback. On Wednesday and Friday, I worked on making changes to the chapters that the group looked at.

Thursday I gave myself a day off to catch up on some other things around the house.

This weekend there's an anthology deadline and I have an idea for a story. Time is pretty tight on this, but I am hoping to give it a try. If all goes well, I'll have the story sent out on Sunday, and it will be back to edits on Airship Girls on Monday when I'm back to the writing routine.

The Kiddo is loving summer camp, and the camp staff seems to love him. I'm planning to do something with him outdoors tomorrow, weather permitting.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer of Writing Begins

It's been a while since I updated. Buried in the day job, for the most part.

The Kiddo continues to grow (and grow and GROW!) and we've had plenty of adventures since I last checked in.

On the writing front, I'm in two writers groups, have collected a couple of rejection letters on short stories, and I continue to work on self-published comics with Gynn.

I'll update more on specific projects as I get this going.

School (my day job, that is) ended for me in the first week of June, but I have had a lot to do in the couple of weeks since then. Meanwhile, the Kiddo finished with school this past Thursday, and today he started summer camp!

And as the Kiddo heads off to day camp, I am embarking on a month of dedicated writing. The approximate plan is this: Drop the child at camp at 9 AM, pack a lunch, and then head to a library and write until it's time to pick him up at 2 PM.

Today was the first day, and the writing I got done was minimal because I had lingering work for the day job and needed to get writing materials organized. Still, I made it to the Hyannis Public Library, and got in some editing work on one of my novel projects, Airship Girls and the Land Beyond the Mist. I'll have lots more to say about that manuscript in the coming weeks.

So my hope is to make progress on a bunch of projects during this month, including reviving regular posts on this blog. We'll see if that happens. So far, so good.

Keep writing!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Queen City Kamikaze This Saturday In Manchester NH

The next Dandelion Studios convention appearance is fast approaching! Join us this Saturday (2/16/2013) at Manchester Memorial High School in Manchester NH for Queen City Kamikaze. This is a really great show with bargain-priced admission, great artists, and fun events.


I'll be there for the whole show, and Gynn is currently planning to be there for the first couple of hours. We'll be easy to find. Look for the table with the adorable giant spiders!

Monday, February 4, 2013

New Story Published

My first fiction sale of 2013 has been published!

You can check out my short story, "Soup" in the February 2012 issue of Swords And Sorcery Magazine.The story is available to read for free, along with another fantasy story by Andrew Knighton.

This story features my character Donna Stone. You can read more of her adventures in Stone, a comic book series that I write and publish. There is also another published Donna Stone prose story, called "How Do You Want To Die?", which can be found in the anthology Fat Girl In A Strange Land, published by Crossed Genres.

I'm looking forward to doing more writing and hopefully to submitting more stories for publication in 2013!