Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Long Weekend

We had a (somewhat) unexpected long weekend when the city of Shanghai closed all school for the first two days of the China International Import Expo.

I spent Saturday doing some solo exploring, looking for a charity used book shop in Qingpu that I'd failed to find on two previous attempts.

(Yes, I could just get there by Didi, but figuring out the buses is part of the fun!).

I was successful this time, and donated a stack of books that the Kiddo was done with before making a couple of purchases.

On Monday, we had a return visit to Hangzhou for the day. West Lake was a lot nicer without Golden Week crowds, and we did lots and lots of walking, had some great food, explored a pagoda, and took lots of pictures.

Tuesday, the Kiddo and I went to the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, once again a great experience on a non-crowded day.

We have another long weekend coming up when we get Black Friday off (my school gives us the Friday as our Thanksgiving holiday so we get a long weekend out of it), and we're looking at traveling to Wuxi and staying overnight for a night or two.

And we've also booked our Christmas travels. We'll be heading to the Philippines! Looking forward to some sunshine in December!